Is It Healthy To Eat Raw Rice?

Is it healthy to eat raw rice?

1. Food poisoning

Raw and uncooked rice contains Bacillus cereus bacteria which can cause food poisoning and make you feel sick. The Bacillus cereus is found in many raw plant-based foods such as potatoes, peas, and rice and has negative side effects on the human body.

These bacteria in spores may able to grow room temperature and multiplied. After eating, Bacillus produces a toxin called cereulide that may lead to poisons which may later cause diarrhea and vomiting.

This happens afterward 1.5 hours of ingestion raw rice and lasts up to 6- 24 hours. Neither of these illnesses is life-threatening to a normal healthy person and may also know for occasionally localized eye infections in human beings.

2. Lectin Issues

Lectins are a type of protein, major nutrients in rice can cause negative side effects. Lectins are toxins and cause harmful effects when consumed in an excess quantity that may often lead to health concerns.

A toxic lectin, contains phytohaemagglutinin that has symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. They resist being broken down in the gut and cause red blood cells to clump.

Plus, mild effects include bloating and gas in the stomach. Yet, lectins are harmful and are easily eliminated by cooking.

3. Constipation issues

Processed grains such as white pasta, white bread, white rice are generally lower in fiber and promote constipating symptoms than other whole grains. Raw or uncooked rice may even lead to constipation.

This is because of removing bran, germ, and husk from the rice during processing. Although, extra fiber is beneficial for most people and lowers the effect of constipation. But in some cases, people who eat less fiber may experience the opposite effect and may even worsen constipation.

Hence, people who experience constipation need to reduce the intake of processed grains and likely need to raises the consumption of whole grains. 

Benefits of eating raw rice 

Eating raw rice doesn't seem to add health benefits. If you really want to add rice in your diet, try to switch from raw rice to other healthy whole grains such as red, black, and brown rice.

While, Whole grains are incredibly rich in many compounds such as antioxidants, lignans, dietary fiber, and minerals.

According to the American health association, whole grains may help to improve heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and improves blood cholesterol.

While cooked rice is beneficial for overall health and provides energy and many essential nutrients.