Bad Habits and Their Impact on Human Life

Bad habits and their impacts on human life

Brushing teeth too hard

People think that brushing hard is the only way they can get their teeth looks whiter and cleaner.

Brushing hard your teeth can damage your teeth and gums which later, linked to problems like enamel wear and receding gums.

According to Dr.Romo, not only it causes receding of gums, but unfortunately it never looks white and glossy making them your teeth look yellower and darker.

Meanwhile, you are increasing your chances of developing the risk of tooth sensitivity.


Some people may able to limit their alcohol consumption which others find pretty much difficult to do. 

The effects of alcohol are linked to several risk factors such as memory loss and increase triglyceride levels which often leads to heart disease and diabetes. 

People who drink regularly over a long period are reducing their natural immune system which protects us by creating a barrier to fight off antigens and viruses from entering the body.

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Smoking can lead to a variety of health complications in your body. 

A study of CDC says that people who smoke regularly have 40 percent more risk of developing type 2 diabetes than a person who does not. 

Whenever you smoke, tar in your cigarettes enters into blood making your blood thicker and increases your heart rate which can cause a heart attack or stroke. 

By smoking, you have 50% more chances of having a stroke as smoking may cause brain damage and death.

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Cracking your knuckles

Around 25 and 54 percent of people are knuckle crackers and most of them are male. 

This cracking of knuckles happened because of increasing in space produced between finger joints. 

The gas bubbles in the finger joints blasts or collapse whenever you crack the knuckle. 

The reason why you can't able to knuckle twice at the same time is that it takes some time to accumulate gas bubbles in the joint.

Excessive voice of Headphones

Long term use of headphones may even lose hearing and the damage can be permanent. 

The electromagnetic waves produced by headphones are found to be dangerous for the human brain. 

Turning the volume to it's high may damage your nerve cells that transmit signals to the brain. 

Audiologists advised to not turn up the volume from more than 60% and you shouldn't listen for more than 60 minutes a day to avoid hearing damage.

Eating too much

Whenever you eat more than you can expand, your body stored these additional calories as fat in the body which is known as a calorie surplus. 

Overeating may be linked to many harmful diseases especially -  excess body fat and obesity. As obesity links with many diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure. 

According to a study, it was found that being overweight linked with episodic memory, semantic memory, and spatial ability.

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Spending more time alone

Loneliness often links with many health problems such as:-
• Decreased energy
• Difficulty of focus
• Feeling of hopelessness, unhappy and helplessness
• Sick frequently
• Higher risk of early death and worsened mental health
• Lower quality of sleep
• Impact on depression risk


Did you ever think that thinking negatively could be the reason for many harmful diseases? 

Negativity is often caused by insecurity, depression, helplessness, and hopelessness. 

Doctors have discovered that people with a high level of negativity have more chances to suffer from cardiovascular issues, suggestive problems, and degenerative brain diseases. 

Meanwhile, the recovery rate is much slower than those with a positive attitude towards life.

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