7 Tips To Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally


A healthy immune system plays a vital role in our body. Our immune system is made up of various organs, cells, and proteins. As it helps to protect from aggressive germs like bacteria, viruses, and parasites that make us ill. 

Here are 7 tips to strengthen your immune system naturally

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1. Get enough sleep 

In a pandemic global, It's very important to keep our body as healthy as possible. A night of good sleep may feel you like a new person and not surprisingly, there are several health benefits of it. 

Sleep gives your body the time it needs to get rest and repair, which lets them release proteins called cytokines and fight off infectious diseases. Most adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep in a day for functioning a body at their best - consistency is the key.

2. Eat Healthy foods

A healthy balanced diet includes a variety of fruits and vegetables including protein, fats, calcium, sodium,  and protein. Eating healthy can help you to avoid excessive weight gain and maintain a healthy weight. 

According to a study, eating healthy may keep you energetic and boost the immunity level. However, making major changes to your diet can seem impossible but remember "take a small step every day" until to achieve your goal.

3. Limit sugar intake

Taking 75 to 100 grams of sugar may lower your immune system for a few hours, which is not good for staying healthy during this covid-19 outbreak. Consuming excessive amounts of sugar may affect your immune system that fights against bacteria. 

According to Oxford academic, sugar may affect your body in just half an hour and may last up to 5 hours and starts affecting the immune system. Limit sugar intake as much as possible and must keep it below at least 60 grams a day.

4. Regular exercise

Over the last four decades, many studies have investigated how actually exercise affects the immune system. It is often agreed that regular moderate exercise helps to boost the immune system. 

They discover, in the short-run — exercise can boost the immune system and deal with pathogens, and in the long term, regular exercise slows down the changes that happen to the immune system with aging, resulting in reducing the risk of infections.

5. Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water is very important to keep your hydrate in a day to day lifestyle, especially when it’s cold and flu season. Keep your immunity power boosted by drinking adequate amounts of water to fight against bacteria. 

Health authorities recommended eight ounces per day, which is equivalent to 2 liters to function your body at it's best.

6. Minimize your stress level 

Stress can also have a direct impact on illness and infections which may affect sleep patterns, exercise, and mental health. When you're stressed, the immune system's ability to fight against antigens is reduced. 

Chronic stress can cause health problems including mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and personality disorders. Try to keep a positive attitude towards life and do some exercises to boost your immune system.

7. Stop smoking

Regular smoking may increase the risk of developing serious illnesses — like cancer and heart disease. Smoking may also lower sex hormone levels in both men and women. For men, this will turn into decreased sexual performance and for women this will turn into decreased sexual desire. 

Quitting smoking improves circulation of blood which increases oxygen levels, and lowers inflammation — all of which give your immune system a boost.


Although none of these tips can prevent against covid-19 outbreak they may reinforce your body to prepare from harmful infections.

These tips may boost your immune system naturally — try to make a healthy habit every day. 

"Stay healthy Stay Safe"